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Ceiling armature
for use in dental offices
and treatment rooms

Wall armature
for use in corridors
and waiting rooms

For window placement
or with lighting from behind

"Luminous Art"

Table lamps with original paintings as shades.

Size: 15 x 15 cm
Total height: 35 cm
Technic: Oil on drawing film

Luminous Art

Tarditional painitngs are usually done on paper or canvas, etc. Liivi Hotz has developed a technic for painting with oil or accryl on half transparent, light resistant drawing film, a material which she has earlier used in her work as an interior designer.

With lighting from behind a feeling of depth and interesting color effects are achieved; either daylight or electric lights
. These light paintings are for use mounted on walls and as ceiling lamps; even table lamps and for privacy applications. The larger lamp constructions have timers for automatic control of lighting during a chosen period.

LUMINOUS ART has been purchast by among others, the following companies and institutions:

Optomatrist Simson, Stockholm - waiting room

Falck Sweden, Västberga - reception

Mandator, Stockholm - copy room

Integrationsverket, Norrköping - café and corridor

Teknik & Teckning, Ängelholm - privacy protection

Privat Dental office, Stockholm - ceiling mounted

Hospital treatment rooms, Stockholm

Liivi Hotz
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