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L i i v i   H o t z
Liivi Hotz was born on the island of Dagö in Estonia. She grew up in Saltsjö Boo on the outskirts of Stockholm. She was educated at the Konstfack Art School in Stockholm as an Interior Architect and was active in this branch for many years. These days painting is her major interest.
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As well as working with traditional oil and acrylic paintings on canvas Liivi has developed a technique for painting on half transparent, UV-light proof drawing film. She calls these paintings "Luminous Art", since they are at their best with daylight or electric light from behind. They can be used as table or wall lamps or for hanging in a window.

This year there will be an ART Round in the little village Rians as well as in several other villages in Provence Verte. All the exhibiting artist are Scandinavians living in the south of France.
The date is October 8-9, 2011. More information here.

An interest in orchids resulted in a series of free interpretation of these exotic plants
"Lady's Slipper" is a detail study of the orchid flower Guckusko of sort Cypripedium

Size: 75 x 65cm
Technic: Oil on canvas

"Beyond the mountain"

Size: 50 x 70cm
Technic: Tempera on paper

"High mountains and deep valleys"

Gouache with dried plants from 1925

Size: 50 x 70 cm

Hanging paintings for an exhibition at gallery "Fridhs Palett". Gallery owner Ingegärd "Frida" Fridh and Liivi Hotz prepare for a summer exhibition 1998.

Paintings are called "Village in Provence" and there are six in all. Oil on canvas.

Liivi Hotz
Mobile 070-643 83 70 (from France 0046-70 643 83 70)
France: 13 Place Saint Laurent, F-835 60 Rians, France