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A house in a stone village - Rians
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The little village of Rians lies in Provence, 40 km from Aix-en-Provence. Rians (Re-ahns´) is a genuine French village with about 4.200 citizens. Right in the middle of the village is a tree shaded square called Place Saint Laurent. House nr. 13 on the square is our destination.

Here one can spend a quiet vacation and perhaps even be inspired to work on your own projects in the studio and gallery. For a change of pace try wine tasting at local vineyards, boule, golf, and excursions to old villages and cities, national parks and famous beaches.

The house is narrow but four stories high and has a private roof terrace with a wide view over half the village and the mountains beyond. The house itself is a little crooked and charming but the bathrooms are newly installed and fully modern. The sunshine, warmth, wine, the good food and ambiance make up for any small practical trifles.

The town is built around a very old church

The town is also charming. This bar is right in the center

On market days you can pick out your fruit and vegetables on the square,
which by the way are almost never "square" in France.

The fish shop is open three days a week.

The fish is cleaned while you watch.

There are several bakeries selling their own fresh bread - a French necessity -
and a couple of food stores, of which one is fairly large.

There is a little fountain in the little square in front of the house and mothers come
here in the late afternoon with small children because it's safe for them to ride their "bikes" here.

The village street winds around the cathedral and bell tower like a snail shell. Most of the village was built during the middle ages and the recently renovated city gate is from the 17-hundreds.

Much of the central part of the village is unchanged.

Around the corner from the house is a tiny fruit and vegetable shop
which CAN be open at odd hours. Sometimes they have milk,
and butter and other necessities.

There are also a couple of Pizza bakeries. At one of them you can sit outside and watch people walk by. At this one you can listen to Geoge the Pizza baker sing opera while he works. He's really quite good at both.

George bakes his pizzas in a wood fired oven.

The closest big town is Aix-en-Provence which is one of the nicest in France. Market day on Saturday is famous as are the shade trees on the main street and all the beautiful squares.

Marseille is about 90 km from Rians and here the old fisherman's harbor is worth a visit as is the Cathedral on the mountain above - Great view of the city.

Rians is right in the middle here with a light pink ring around it
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