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Oil & Graphic
Glass and monumental art
In Memorium
Nils Möller
1917 - 2004

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Text by Karl-Erik Eliasson

Nils Möller was born in Nyhamnsläge in southern Sweden and spent his first years close to the sea and its meadowlands. The family moved to the town of Ängelholm when he was 8 where he lived for the rest of his life.

Nils received his education at the Konstfack (Art) School in Stockholm and graduated in 1945. His professional career began with a trip to Paris and he has been a working artist ever since.

Preparatory work for a Glass painting called "Fellowship"

Nils Möller illustrated books and magazines at the beginning of his artistic career primarily for the Bonnier Concern and for the Bibliophile Club.

The really large assignments came, of course from the Bibliophile Club publications. Among these are the poet Stagnelius': "Thirteen poems with eight original etchings, hand signed by Nils Möller".

There is an aspect of mysticism in Möller's attitude to nature. It is perhaps for this reason that the meeting between him and Stagnelius became such a direct hit.

Left: Line etching "Signe" 27 x 17 cm.

In 1947 Nils Möller was accepted by the graphics department of the Art Academy in Stockholm. After completing his studies there he moved over to a closer capital city, namely Copenhagen, where he studied at the Art Academy 1951-52.

"Landscape" oil
67 x 60

Nils Möller tells that color is for him the most important spiritual craft. It is with color that he builds his room and creates tension in his compositions. It is easy to see that this aspect of painting has occupied him greatly and that his lack of hesitation in color choices was developed during many intensive hours in the studio.

"Epilogue" oil
73 x 58

An unintentional demand which the artist has made om himself is a complete mastery of the formal aspects of art training. He has not hesitated in developing the self discipline and necessary patience that konst requires on a professional level.

"song tree" oil
90 x 68



"Rifle sight and crusifix" oil
40 x 52

"Spring Flood" oil
27 x 35 cm

Nils Möller