Painting classes 2013

Three day intensive painting classes at Marielund
Art Society Visits

We accept visits from art societies and explain the work we do. After a guided tour, we serve a small tapas table and a glass of wine or coffee and homemade pastry. Cost: SEK 100:- per seat. Time about 2 hours.

Course dates
spring - summer
26-27-28 april
10-11-12 may
24-25-26 may
14-15-16 june
28-29-30 june
5-6-7 july
19-20-21 july
9-10-11 aug
23-24-25 aug
6-7-8 sept
13-14-15 sept
27-28-18 sept

For groups we can try to arrange a different date.



To give yourself a chance to really get started with your own painting. To a greater degree experience a deep contact with your own creativity. You will have a chance to open the channel to your own unlimited creative flow and working with your own impulses to manifest your own artwork.

The Course

We give you support, advice and viewpoints alternated with special assignments. Together we illuminate and discuss the different faces of creativity.

You learn the basics concerning the different qualities of creative work and how they can build a structure for your work. This will give you the possibility of advanced insight into how you can express your desires in your own work.

Bring with you:



A rather large drawing or sketch pad, drawing pencils, colored pens or crayons, artists charcoal, oil, watercolor or acrylic paints. Also bring canvas or panels.

Bring also ...

Turpentine, drying medium and linseed oil if you paint in oil. Take along brushes in all sizes from the finest round to the broadest flat. Easels are available at Marielund.

The Studio

Konstnärsgården Marielund, St. Ibb, Hven.

Boats depart from Landskrona all year round (schedule here) or call Ven-trafiken 0418-473 473. Free parking along the edge of the dock one block south of the boat station.

The trip takes 30 minutes. Then take the bus to Marielund from the harbor.

During the summer there are also boats from Råå harbor, just south of Helsingborg and from Copenhagen, Denmark.

and price


Apply by depositing 300:- SEK
in plusgiro account 3966-9.
Write your name and telephone and your chosen course date. The remainder to be paid at the start of the course.


1.450 SEK for three days, including breakfast and lunch.
It is also possible to attend for just two days. (900 SEK) or one day (450 SEK).
Accomodation for course students see below...



Rent a room

Course students can rent a room at Marielund for SEK 300 per bed/night. You share room with one other student. Bring your own sheets, pillowcase and towel or rent them for SEK 100

Telephone +46 418-720 37
(from Sweden dial 0418-720 37) for reservation or call the Tourist office at +46 418-169 00 for alternative living arrangements. Tourist office as a website here

Participants min. 4 persons and max. 8 persons
We can also arrange courses on dates that you choose.


Stig-Owe Jemseby

Call us if you have questions.

All photos: Ann Thulin

Konstnärsgården Marielund
S260 13 Sankt Ibb, Sweden, tel +46 (0)418 720 37