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Börje Frykenstam
Painter Börje Frykenstam was born 1936 in Värmland but he grew up in Stockholm where he studied at the Art School Konstfack. He often makes the city his motif as well as painting landscapes from the Stockholm archipelego and the Baltic island of Öland.

Read more about his painting on the page about my art. And you can read about exhibitions here

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Two books of Börjes art...
Börje's paintings and Nils Persson's text.

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Börje Frykenstam
Ateljé: (nytt) Tranvägen 42 C36, 141 72 Segeltorp, tel 08-711 81 90
Sommarateljé: 4610 Lilla Horn, 380 74 Löttorp, tel 0485-250 23
e-post  frykenstam@hotmail.com